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Thread: Hello From Michigan

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    Hello From Michigan

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    I just start eating Primal 11 days ago,and have lost 10 pounds already,but I am very heavy and have a lot to lose.

    A friend got me interested in the eating plan,and after doing some more reading and research on my own,it seems like a good fit for me.

    This week has been hard though as I have a bad cold and am having a hard time keeping my energy levels up.I'll make up for it once this blasted cold is gone.

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    Great job for the 10 pounds lost. Keep doing what you're doing! Good luck on your primal journey.
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    Thank you!

    I feel better already,even got my mountain bike out and dusted off the cobwebs....going to start a morning biking routine this weekend.

    I feel off the plan for a day,and felt horrible for two days,now getting back to normal....

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    Welcome and good luck!!

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    Thank you!

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