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    I was wondering if any other folks out there have found differences in their skin when eating primal.

    I am in my 20's and have skin problems that began about a year ago. I find that when I am following a strict primal diet my skin starts to clear up but then as soon as I load on the junk food again my skin flares up.

    Anyone else notice differences in their facial skin, either good or bad, while eatin primal?

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    I've no doubt that acne ist influenced by diet (btw. I think sleep is also a very important factor).

    Even Loren Cordain wrote about how Eating Paleo can improve your Skin (

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    The link didn't work. But go to anyway...i think Cordain wrote a whole book on acne.


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    best site ever, I have/had a major problem with acne on the face and upper body but it's almost gone. Most important is loose the dairy and take cod liver oil. Never ever take medication for it I took multiple strong creams with prescription, it's not a solution.

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    Oh, you betcha. I could make my face break out by tonight if I ate something right now with wheat or milk.

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    I am a biochemistry student and therefore have acccess to lots of academic journals. I was reading last year that the original study that showed that diet has no influence on acne was extremely flawed. So I decided to check it out for myself.

    Basically, the researchers gave the test group a high sugar and fat bar (essentially a chocolate bar) to eat everyday and gave the control group nothing. Other than the single bar a day, there was no other control of the patients choice of food. So, not surprisingly, both groups had similar results.

    I think that it is so ridiculous that such a flawed study has been the source of the concept that "diet has no influence" ever since.

    Interestingly, I found at least one study that found caloric restriction influences acne, not the overall macronutrients of the diet. Although I don't doubt that a very inflammatory, high carbohydrate diet plays some role.

    IF here I come...

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    I just realized that aside from my normally kinda ruddy skin (I never take care of my skin) I haven't had a single zit on my face in weeks. Roughly the amount of time I've been primal. I never had as bad a problem as my sister, but I had a fair amount, and being dark skinned it never looked quite as bad as it could have, but it was still a problem.

    So add to the list of improvements. Haven't had a migraine in a while (not counting this weekend which was heavy in carbs as an experiment... still feel aweful). Now my acne is clearing, and I feel less depressed/more cheerful. I've also noticed that while I am more aggressive when I let go, I have a lot more control over my temper.

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    I'm convinced that the paleo diet is the only cure there is for acne. I tried everything, washing my face twice a day, cutting out white bread, sugars, refined foods, but it all didn't work. Finally after struggling with acne for over 6 years I cut out all grains and stopped using any products on my face. My skin returned to its natural health and it really has changed my life.

    Loading up on junk food will cause you to have acne if your skin is already prone to it, no doubt in my mind.

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    Yes, Dr. Cordain's apparently new thrust is acne due to the SAD.

    Hmmm....five stars for reviews. Maybe onto something?

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    I usually have bad flareups around my menstrual cycle. I have noticed for the past two months that I have not really had them since going Primal. A few, here and there. But nothing like before.

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