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Thread: Your favorite primal restaurant food...and dressing... page 2

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    i love me some expensive steakhouse action. prime rib, seafood, swimming in butter, hold the bread.

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    Max and Erma's Laredo Steak. It's a sliced sirloin with a kind of lime-butter sauce over it.
    My favorite dressing is unfortunately their ranch that they make in house...If only I could figure out that recipe! It's to die for, and their salads are always served COLD which makes it really refreshing.

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    I pretty much agree what the others have said. I do like to go out for sit-down Mexican food. Recently, I went to Chevy's, where I ordered pork fajitas. I do eat some rice, beans and corn tortillas at home (20%). But there was plenty of meat, guacamole, salsa and sour cream to fill me up. I was very tired, otherwise I would have remembered to tell them to skip the sides. I did eat the little sweet corn cake. Hehe. No way I'm passing that up.

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    I am blessed to live in a city with amazing pubs and a growing "eat local" movement. All the pubs and restaurants seem to be competing in the extreme salad with protein category. Steak is an obvious one, but most of the pubs around here have amazing salads with steak or grilled salmon or shrimp or grilled tuna or goat cheese or roasted nuts something else wonderful in it. I always ask for olive oil and vinegar more so because I have a soy allergy and pretty much 98% of commercial dressings use soy bean oil as the base of the dressing, so it is just safer for me when eating out. However, I keep a bottle of Rene's dressing at work for salads or to use a a veggie dip. You can find it in the chilled produce section. There are much fewer processed ingredients in that brand (and never any soy bean oil!) and usually only 1 gram of carbs per two table spoons if that, some are zero. Stay away from anything made by Kraft.

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