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Thread: What if you're underweight...can this program still work for you?

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    I don't think that I do anything different or special b/c I'm breastfeeding. That said, I've been getting used to the idea of plenty of meat & natural fats for several years and eat a LOT of it. The Weston Price link given above will probably talk about the importance of superfoods like fermented cod liver oil, organ meats, grassfed butter, and some others - for all people, but especially preconception and for women during pregnancy & nursing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lily View Post
    I was hoping to have more responses from people with underweight issues and how this program affected that.

    Howdy! I started this diet ~8 months ago in order to help manage my Crohn's disease. At the time, I was around 40 pounds underweight (i.e. skeletal). Since going primal I've regained about 15 of those. It has been slow, but I'm also fighting a disease that causes my body to waste away. More importantly, however, is that I feel much healthier. I had severe iron deficiency anemia and severe B12 deficiency pernicious anemia and associated memory and balance problems. All of this is essentially gone. I've gone from barely being able to climb a flight of stairs to banging out 8 mile mountain hikes. So yes, this diet still works for those who need to gain :-)

    As for the stomach issues with meat - I used enzyme caps the first couple of months until my digestive system could recover. You may need to do the same while your body readjusts to foods it hasn't seen in 10 years. Good luck!

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    This is good news, as my husband is very lean and more than he'd like to be. He's been weight training for years to help keep his weight up, but has a poor appetite and also does heavy physical labour in his occupation. Hernia surgery this spring has caused him to lose a lot of hard-earned size/weight while recovering. I've been hoping that switching to primal eating with me will help him with this. I've also convinced him to follow Mark's suggestions and not lift as often or for as long, as I've suspected he was over-doing it. He's finally seeing the light. We haven't fully switched over to the eating yet, though. I'm trying to decide if I should use up our supply of brown rice, rolled oats, etc. first and go into gradually that way or just get rid of it all and dive in. We are already partially eating primal as we run out of those things and don't replace them.

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    omg i forgot about the sleep!!!!!!!!!!!! soooooooo important times a gazillion...

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    I have been primal for close to a year and have been underweight since I was 3 years old. I consider being very thin normal and healthy for me and doubt I will ever be otherwise. I am also a former vegetarian.

    Primal has been wonderful for me in so many ways and I'll never go back, but I have not gained significant weight (just about 4-5 lbs up from my baseline of the last 5 years). I'm maintaining effortlessly (ie without having to stuff myself to discomfort) close to my highest-ever poundage though, which is great. I think I just need to buckle down to weight training and I'll bulk up a little more. I have great muscle tone but could make huge gains in strength. I also have a normal body fat percentage which I'm not looking to decrease.

    I would recommend primal to anyone no matter their shape, size, health issues. I would not recommend very low carb diets for us skinnies, though, no matter the reason for the thinness (seems wholly genetic for me). Lots of carbs make me sick, that's for sure, but I feel and look my best with a moderate intake of primal carbs along with tons of fat and adequate protein. I aim for 1g protein per pound bodyweight.

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