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Thread: Food Porn (Hot delicious pictures that get you excited)

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    I cannot take credit for the creation, but this is a bacon, lettuce and tomato omelet with cheese:

    I first fry up som bacon, then make an omelet, add the bacon on one half of the omelet, add a tomato on top of the bacon, sprinkle a little salt, add the lettuce, then some Jarlsberg cheese and gently fold the omelet over the stuff. Add a sprinkle of ground pepper. Enjoy!
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    Three different types of banana bread - made with coconut flour, and naturally sweetened with dates, bananas (and a drizzle of maple syrup).

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    FoodLovers, wow. gonna have to try... subbing stevia for the dates though. Are they essential for the texture? I don't want too much sugar.. Are your choco chip cookies with coconut flour too???

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    You could if you wanted to (they're not essential for the texture) - you could definitely give it a shot! The chocolate chip cookies are actually made with blanched almond flour, but we have several coconut flour cookie recipes on the website as well.

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    Jolly old St. Nick would be able to fit down many more chimney's if he was getting fed these almond flour-based chocolate chip cookies. lol -- Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays MDA friends!

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    Wow, those cookies look exactly like regular SAD cookies. Awesome job.
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    Thanks! We were guest teachers for a local high school cooking class and made these. Not a single student disliked them!! It was incredible to teach kids about paleo, then make something for them - and they all loved it! Very rewarding stuff...

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    Our current sweetheart recipe: rice-free sushi. Made with riced cauliflower, nori seaweed, avocado, cucumber, and real lump crab meat. Simple, tasteful ingredients - amazing outcome. (Paired in the photo with coconut aminos for dipping, and natural wasabi)

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    We wanted to breathe new life into our routine breakfast (typically eggs), so we made roasted root vegetables (Beets, turnips, and onions) and poached an egg to sit atop of them. It turned out to be a great way to mix things up and keep breakfast interesting for our taste buds.

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