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Thread: The Primal Journey of Mr and Mrs Fist

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    The Primal Journey of Mr and Mrs Fist

    This is going to be a shared journal, as indicated by the title.
    Anyway, without further ado, let's get straight into it. Today's odd Primal experience is the discovery that our occasional treat, 70% Green & Black's dark chocolate, actually seems to have a pretty debilitating effect on us - slight headaches, crushing fatigue and bodily aches. I could have understood this more readily if it was a straight up shot of rubbish chocolate. Still, looks like this treat is out of the window.

    Recent discovery number two is that at the age of 28, a few months after going Primal, I find myself having to shave twice a day for the first time in my life. Primal = Beardy.

    Now I'm going to ignore the lingering effects of the traitorous dark chocolate and do some Taekwon-do training.

    But first, today's VIDEO OF AWESOME.
    The legendary tricking god Jujimufu with a classic sampler from days gone by, entitled Thousand.
    What. A. Guy.
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