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Thread: Parents can help stop the obesity epidemic, says psychologist

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    I don&#39;t suppose there is any way you can bundle feeds into a zip file and rapidshare it or anything?</blockquote>

    You can certainly share RSS feeds.

    If you&#39;ve got a desktop aggregator then your list of feeds is stored as an OPML file, which is basically an XML document. (I don&#39;t know how the online services like Google Reader work - probably similarly.)

    You can export your OPML file from your reader and publish it, so that your friends can subscribe to your set of feeds as a feed:

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    Mick thanks for the tip. Guys this is the relevant part of my feed collection:

    I didn&#39;t have time to trim it completely, but the main science/nutrition content should be there.

    I usually get new interesting feeds from the "Links" section of good blogs. Now that&#39;s what I call hunting and gathering. Or is it parasitism?

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    Champion - Thanks!

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