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    New to PB found it through Crossfit msg board and jumping into it with both feet Gonna order the book but till then few questions please. I'm a coffee junkie mostly in the am, used to add about 6 packets of the white stuff, is honey an ok sub or just maybe a couple packets of sugar in the raw? I Love eggs so what about quiche ok except the crust? O and bacon is ok if it's nitrate free? Thanks a ton PB'ers!

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    Try stevia for now and work your way away from sugar. Mark uses real sugar, but only uses it minimally.

    Eggs are awesome, go for the cage-free, organic eggs. More expensive, but a better ratio of omega-3.

    Nitrate free bacon is also awesome.

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    I used to need sugar in my coffee too. On one of my many eating plans I decided to drink it just black. No way in heck could I make myself drink the stuff. So I tried just the creamer (I know, I know), but it worked. I have since replaced that with coconut milk. My husband during this same time spooned sugar in his coffee like a kid let loose in the kitchen. The more the better. A spoon could have stood up in that cup. I finally talked him into trying just the cream for 3 days. If he couldn't do it, then ok. Guess what? Now he can't stand the sugar. Try it for 3 days , bet you will be surprised. Dare ya!

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    I hate to ask, but can you try better coffee with less sugar?

    I never really liked coffee; I never saw the point -- it was bitter, nasty, and needed a bunch of sugar and "whitener" to be tolerable. Then I went on a business trip to Zürich, and had a Nespresso machine in my hotel room.

    Oh. So that's what coffee is.

    Once I was home, I located a local roaster (Tully's) that makes a great, rich, caramelly coffee, and I brew that one cup at a time in an AeroPress. One shot of that and a little cream and I'm happy. Not bitter in the least, and I enjoy the flavour a lot more.

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    Well I guess I have been a fan of the darker the better variety of coffee. That being said if I can locate something that, like you say isn't bitter, than heck I'll do it. It's an addiction!

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    Argh...looks like the forum mangled my links, and it's too late to fix them. If you want to follow the links in my earlier post, you''ll have to remove the "%22" from the end of each of them.

    The Tully's coffee I recommend would be either the Espresso, Italian, or Sumatra. Anything roasted deep but not too dark. The beans should smell like dark chocolate.

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