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    Question grass fed pork?

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    whats the pork equivalent of grass fed pork?

    don't hear the term talked about because pigs are scavengers, whats the best kind to buy? thanks

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    Pastured pork is ideal. It's been so long since I bought it in the store that I don't know if that's available anywhere (didn't used to be), but they do sometimes sell antibiotic-free, fwiw.

    Pigs & chickens are usually the most crammed in & abused in the factory farming world.
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    I get my meat from Their pork is as pastured as they can get it but they still have to supplement their diets. It's delicious! I love the raw uncured bacon.

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    Slankers ( sells pastured pork. It's the best pork I've ever had, and, no, I get no kick backs from them. I'm just a fan with a freezer full of yummy pastured meat.
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    Go to your county fair & pick one up from a local 4-H kid. Of course, I might just be biased because I was one of those kids, but hey. We fed ours goat milk 2x day.
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    I get forest fed pork. just got 2 pounds of pure fat to render lard! and bacon of course. I believe. They let them scavenge (or whatever you want to call it) in the forest. It is truly the best pork i've ever had.

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    I get my pork from a local farm, I know the owner, the pigs run free and scavage, but they are also supplemented with non-gmo feed. I am pretty comfortable with it. meat taste so much better than store bought.
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    I've just found out about a new free range pig farm in my area and after asking they told me that their piggies were fed grains, the family's fruit and veg scraps, milk from their jersey cows and eggs from the chickens. I would say most free range pig farms would have to feed them mostly grains and then supplemented with other things.

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    I get pork from local folks at our farmers market who raise Berkshire pigs (a very high quality breed). The animals are pastured and fed a high-quality diet (along with what they forage). This farmer gives them toys to play with to keep them active, ensures they have wallowing holes for hot weather, and does not dock their tails or clip their teeth. I have to say, happy, well-fed pigs definitely taste better!
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