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    Just wanted to know if there are any Traceurs out there living primal. for those who don't know what I'm talking about:

    It strikes me as something Grok would have been good at if not actively encouraged. But I'm just a beginner, and it falls more under my play mandate than my workout mandate... but like any good prima...te... both things are increasingly becoming one and the same.

    come to think about it, since I'm posting links about parkour and natural movement... Parkour is great for the urbanites this is probably more nature savy:

    It is exactly primal. lifting, throwing, jumping, etc. Everyone should be proficient in these ten basic things: walking, running, jumping, quadrupedal movement, climbing, equilibrium (balancing), throwing, lifting, defending and swimming.

    "Our true nature is to be strong, healthy, happy and free."

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    Pretty sure I did that as a kid--spent a lot of time outside with the neighborhood hooligans. I'm amused it has an official name. Who knew?

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    Hahaha. That's kinda the point. For some reason we stopped doing it because, I dunno, grownups aren't supposed to. All of a sudden everything is going back in that direction. Now we do all these functional workouts and natural method people are going, "that's what we've been saying all this time! who care's that you can bench press 450 when you can't carry a granny on your shoulder and run her out of danger."

    Fun times.

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    I have heard of Parkour, but have never tried it. I know there is a loose affiliation between Parkour and Crossfit... probably the similar emphasis on gymnastics and body weight skills.

    Here is a killer video! (David Belle... the man himself!)

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    It's a wee bit too high-impact for me, not to mention that I don't like heights!

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    Always been fascinated by it, never been able to actually do it

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    hahaha, @dragonmamma, the high impact heights you see are the guys showing off, most of it happens on ground level. The very first thing you learn is how to absorb impact and even dissipate momentum. It's a sport with very few injuries (short and long term) despite the things you end up being able to do. It exists mainly for emergencies and is a lifelong training and moving system. When you become better, your balance and confidence and every other metric becomes so well tuned that you will lose your fear of heights. I used to be afraid of heights, but as a beginner, literally a few weeks of balance training and confidence building, I'm no longer afraid of heights, just cautious. A much better mindset.

    @Imax, traceurs love crossfit. It is one of the few workout types that really pushes them, shares their philosophy, and gives them the kind of exercise they need, besides actual runs. The first crossfit gym in the US was established by the American Parkour group, I believe it was members of The Tribe.

    @umuhk I read that interview, it was very good. LeCorre is a fascinating man. I personally believe that the MovNat philosophy is the Primal philosophy minus the diet. And I love his concept of the Zoo Human. The first time I heard that term and read about it was a day before I went the the San Antonio Zoo with my niece. It gave me a whole new perspective. Here we all are gawking at these caged animals but then you look around and see the slow, docile, mindless people milling around. We were all fat, allergic, lethargic, etc. And I bet from above, you couldn't tell who was in the cage and who wasn't.

    I intend to go to one of his training session next year when I'm in better shape.

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    Primal Blueprint Expert Certification

    @BigBeck89, it doesn't matter your body shape or size. Start small, go to and start learning from the beginning. They put up basic exercises, rules, and advice. Overtime when you get better, fitter, more confident with the moves, find people who do it in your city (they are everywhere and you can find them through the website). More experienced traceurs are the only real way to progress. It's a learn by doing sort of thing.

    One of my neighbors is a beginner too, and he is 64 years old. So he and I learn together. I am currently trying to get him on the primal lifestyle as well.

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