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Thread: Blood Pressure

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    Hello everyone, I have a question about BP. I have been taking BP meds for high BP for the last 5-6 yrs. I started eating primal 20 days ago. Today I gave blood and the red cross nurse took my bp and it was 102/58. I was shocked! Can the change in diet have that much of an affect so quickly? I know you all aren't doctors but I was wondering if any one else has experienced this? Ultimately I want to rid myself of all my meds if possible. I was just really shocked! I have a physical next week anyway but I'm curious. Thanks, Anthony

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    Yes, it can. You've lowered your insulin levels, and that's what causes high blood pressure, is hyperinsulinemia. Congratulations!
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    Mine dropped from 170/110 down to 125/78 in a couple months, with no medication. It's definitely possible.
    I began this Primal journey on December 30th, 2009 and in that time I've lost over 125 LBS.

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    my partner's dropped as well. her bottom number use to be over 100 at times. now it's normal no medication!
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    Yep. Worked for me too

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    Also, if you're eating low carb primal and weren't eating low carb previously, there's an immediate diuretic effect--and that will lower BP, too.

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    I was on a "healthy" CW diet before, with good BP of around 120/80. Now, on PB, I am around 106/70. So, for those of us that are already considered in the healthy range, it can get even better.

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    I'm down from 198 / 120 to around 145/ 90.

    Blood work and blood sugar all are very good. But I can't seem to get down into a nice safe normal range. The Dr. is thinking of Beta Blockers to act on the fight / flight response.

    As a side note a previous Dr. put me on high blood pressure pills at the age of 24. (30 years ago). After a couple of months I was off them only because I learned to quit worrying about things I can't control.

    I'm open to any suggestions that I may try before taking the BB's.

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    Similar experience here. Bp has always been 135/75. After starting a primal lifestyle, down to 102/68.

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    Unfortunately I am struggling with my blood pressure. Before going on the primal blueprint my blood pressure was 209/110. I took a blood pressure measurement every single day for the first few months of being on the primal blueprint and I managed to get it below 120/80 for two or three days.

    Unfortunately I'm back up again. Although not nearly as bad. My last measurement was 140/90. I believe that I might be hyper-sensitive to sodium. I'm really struggling with it, but I'm not taking any medication. I have given up measuring it every day because it is so frustrating not being able to get it down.

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