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Thread: Dreams Make You Smarter, More Creative, Studies Suggest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darthash View Post
    Doesn't a hormone/chemical get released when you are dreaming? called DMT? that's where the dreaming come from.. well i am not sure if i am correct. but if you don't dream, it's fairly bad for you lol. my two cents.
    yeah man thats what DMT does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AntonG View Post
    super vivid dreams are a very good sign people. you only dream like that during REM and thats the stage of sleep thats the most beneficial. dont be afraid of having vivid dreams, they are like short hallucenogenic trips...that your body needs to have
    I honestly felt like I did not sleep at all though! Hard to go to work after too many nights of that. Perhaps if I had taken hallucenogenic drugs as a young person, I would be less disturbed by these dreams!

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    I'm an artist so wild creative dreams aren't really that unusual. I' ve seen some weird stuff in art school.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jarnapal View Post
    I am dreaming rarely nowadays. My dreams started to disappear about half year after I finished with Roaccutane.
    This is letting you know of a vitamin D deficiency.

    And possibly B6 as well

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    i've heard that we dream pretty much every night...We only remember dreams if we wake up shortly after them?

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