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Thread: Celebrated my 90th day PB anniversary with some VFF's!!!!

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    Celebrated my 90th day PB anniversary with some VFF's!!!!

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    Hi Y'all!

    Been Primal for a little over 90 days with excellent results: lost 13lbs and a couple inches off my waist. Went from 15% BF to <10%. My wife can't believe I weigh 10lbs less than when we got married and I was pretty fit! Lost a bunch of useless fat. Had to buy some smaller waisted pants and shorts and decided to give some VFF's a try. I've been barefoot running on the tread mill in the hotel room while traveling and the balls of my feet get pretty beat up, yeah, I have a tenderfoot!

    So I literally went in feet first and went to REI but they had no VFF's in stock. Then drove to Luke's in Plano and they had the black KSO's in my size in stock! $85, big coin for such a minimalist "shoe" but I figured it'd be genuine vs. the internet counterfeit deals everywhere. Took me 5 min. to get them on the first time in the store!

    So far, I'm wearing them whenever I get a chance and they are very comfy! As comfy as my Croc Crostrails. Ran a 3mi trail in Colorado Springs today and both my big toe pads got blisters but all else is fine. Walking in them in also fine. Get the occasional funny look. Also get the "nod" or confirmation from fellow VFFer's. I guess I have to ease up on the running....what should I get for my 1yr anniversary....hmmmm

    During breakfast today, Abby asks, "How would this juicy, fat, sweet blackberry taste on top of my bacon?" I said it would taste BerrySwine...;-P

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    Oooh, how exciting! Congratulations on your purchase and for your amazing 90 day accomplishments! I also experienced blistering on my big toe, but they toughen up after a while.

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    Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that's bad for you! ~Tommy Smothers

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    Congratulations! Good for you!

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