Life is too precious to end early. My mom fought off Breast Cancer 16 years ago only to have it return two weeks ago in her blood, floating around her body looking for a place to set up shop. And the list goes on. Paternal Grandmother died of Bone Cancer, Maternal Grandmother from Stomach Cancer, Great Aunt from Lymphoma, Aunt from Breast Cancer, 9 of my grandfather's 11 siblings died of one form of cancer or another. My dad has had surgery for Melanoma as well as for prostate cancer. My brother and I have both had multiple skin cancer surgeries for basal cell carcinoma. I have to end this cycle here and now, I don't want to die of anything but old age.

I am the king of "last supper's". I can't remember how many time I have said, "OK, this time I'm going to pig out, but never again", only to end up back at the same place stuffing my face with all the wrong foods until I need a wheel barrel to cart my ass out of there.

11 weeks ago I raced an Xterra MTB triathlon and my knee hurt pretty bad afterwards. Long story short, my knee surgery for a loose flap of catriledge went pretty well but the recovery has taken FOREVER. My dream of qualifying for The Western States 100 mile run have been dashed (for now) and all I can do is hope to be able to run again soon. Heck, just walking without a limp would be progress right now. I did get back on my bike today but I am very weak.

I am a candidate for Level II USA Triathlon coach certification that is coming up in October. I am embarrassed to be seen with my "metabolic syndrom" AKA "beer" gut in a swimsuit at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs if I am selected to particiapte. Class is in 8 weeks, I want to be more fit and ready to strip to my jammers with confidence by then. I may not kmake it all the way to my goal by then, I am a realist, but it sure would be nice to make a big dent in my goal by then.

I bought a copy of the primal blueprint about 8 months ago, read it, and set it aside. I have been very busy with life lately and didn't think I had time for the primal shift. Now I know I need to make time. The last jump on the Tinita Body Composition Scale (this morning) was SCARY:

height: 5'8"
Age: 41
Weight: 163.6lb
Body Fat %: 27.2
Muscle Mass: 113.6lb
Metabolic Age: 50
Viceral Fat rating: 10

MY 20 week goal is:

Weight: 140lb
Body Fat %: 15% or less.
Metabolic Age: At least my actual age (42 by then)

Here's to making a positive life change.