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Thread: this sucks

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    this sucks

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    bacon, where I get it from, is 10 dollars a pound! (it's pastured).
    i can get sliced pork belly for 7 a pound. Does that taste like bacon, and would it be good to use? or no. Also, what would be good to do with fatback? besides render lard.

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    Pork belly wouldn't be as salty and delicious as bacon. You can make your own bacon with it though! Basically, you cure the pork belly with a salt/spice mixture in the fridge for a few days, then smoke it at a low temperature for a few hours. If all that work is worth the $3/lb less is up to you. I want to try it just because I want more control of the ingredients in my bacon and the slice thickness.

    I think fatback is used to make some types of bacon (Italian lardo), and the skin, if attached, is what pork rinds are made of.

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