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Thread: Primal in Cape Town, ZA

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    Question Primal in Cape Town, ZA

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    I was wondering if any body else in South Africa are following the primal life style?
    Especially in Cape Town. It would be nice to share information on where to buy
    good free range meat and organic products. I tried the net, but I would like
    some real references.

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    I also recently joined the Primal way of life here is Cape Town. I'm also finding it hard to track down any places that have products that cater for the no grains and sugars crowd. At least products that don't replace grains and sugars with powders and chemicals.

    As far as I know, meant in SA is usually farm raised but it is still best to go talk to your local butchers until you find one who is fastidious about his product.

    I would also like to know if there are other people who know places in the Cape Town area.

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