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Thread: Primal Blueprint Pregnancy Journal - AustinMama

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    Thanks, Slesca!

    I've slacked off for a long time now (2 weeks, I'm guessing) on LHT workouts. Otherwise I've been mostly faithful, walking almost daily and eating primally. Except for this past weekend, when my husband and I went to a B&B to celebrate our anniversary. Even there, I wasn't as bad about eating grains, starches and sugars as I thought I would be. I ate more at the beginning, but realized that now it really DOES make me nauseous and spikes my blood pressure to eat some sugar-laden thing. It's a little disturbing to me that I never noticed or made this connection before.

    Strange that a lot of pregnancy lore tells you to eat something sweet or even suck on a lollipop if you have morning sickness. That must work for some women, though I'm not sure why. It has just the opposite effect on me, at least now that I've been on the primal wagon for about a month.

    We hiked up Enchanted Rock and I was delighted at how much easier it was than I thought it would be! My husband was impressed, too, and even had to tell me to wait up while he caught up with me, huffing and puffing. I'm 4 months pregnant and it was the easiest climb I can remember on Enchanted Rock. I was breathing heavy as we neared the top, to be sure, but never felt like I couldn't keep going without taking a break. We took several short breathers on the way up, but only at my husband's prompting!

    I had a great weekend overall, and these little nutritional and fitness revelations are just strengthening my resolve to keep going with PB.

    Curious to see how this week's prenatal appointment goes. It's on Wednesday 9/15.

    P.S. I check out "The Brain Trust Program" by Dr. Larry McCleary from my local library and just finished it. A lot of Dr. McCleary's advice, really most of it, coincides with PB. Fascinating stuff from a neurosurgeon.

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    I should be tracking things more, I think. In that spirit:

    B: 1/2 decaf coffee with organic whole milk, 16 oz smoothie (organic vanilla yogurt, frozen mixed berries, banana, organic whole milk) shared with my 13-month-old daughter, who loved it

    S: More smoothie (8 oz?)

    L: Salad with 1/2 spinach, 1/2 baby romaine lettuce, 2 strips bacon, grape tomatoes, cucumber and bottled asian dressing. No HFCS, but probably more sugar/carbs than I needed.

    S: Celery with almond butter. Oh, and Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares with mint. Decadence!

    D: Eggs and chorizo with garlic, cilantro, green onions and salsa

    S: More yogurt with fresh strawberries

    I'm pretty sure I'm overdoing it on carbs and dairy these past few days. Will try to exercise a bit more discipline tomorrow.

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