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Thread: Desert Survival Hike - What food to pack?

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    Desert Survival Hike - What food to pack?

    I'm going on a desert survival hike this Friday with my church's scout troop, and I'm looking for primal foods to take. I'm going to start my first homemade jerky today (going to the store for meat as soon as I post this). So, I have that.

    I'd like to do pemmican, but I don't have the time and would like to test making the jerky first.

    This being a desert hike, I won't be using water to prepare food, and anything that can't stand sustained temps upwards of 110 degrees Fahrenheit is right out. (NO CHOCOLATE! as the trip leader says. Haha.)

    Here's my list of ideas so far from searching the forums and such:
    Homemade beef jerky
    dried fruits (I've seen dried cranberries are said to be particularly good)
    canned tuna

    From this list, it looks like I might want more fat for energy, but I'm not sure what to do for that.

    Also, as far as nuts go, what are good types of nuts that I can get in a typical grocery store? I've seen macadamia nuts suggested a lot, but I don't live next to someone with a grove anymore, so I'm concerned regarding the expense as well. Then again, I can splurge for a trip, especially for my health. =) I figure that I can mix whatever nuts into a kind of trailmix. Since I don't have much time, I need to be able to source things from grocery stores.

    Finally, I don't have a good idea what amounts of all the above I should carry. I will definitely carry extra if I'm unsure. I'm 6'4", a very lean ~210 lbs, and 20 yrs old with a high metabolism. I'd also like to carry a little extra food (particularly jerky) for others to try/in case of any issues.

    If worst comes to worst, and I don't think I have a suitable primal diet, I'll add some overstuffed meat ravioli or canned chili.

    For any concerned about safety: The trip leader has years of experience leading such trips and military desert survival training with both USAF and Australian SAS, and everyone's an experienced hiker.

    Thanks for your help and suggestions!

    Edit: I forgot to mention the hike details. We're hiking in Friday night, spending the day in caves and outside looking for fossils, and hiking back out at night.
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