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Thread: Primal Power Bars

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    from Elana's these are excellent!

    Almond Power Bars

    2 cups almonds (raw)

    cup flax meal (flax seeds ground in a blender)

    cup shredded coconut (unsweetened)

    cup unsalted almond butter (roasted tastes better)

    teaspoon celtic sea salt

    cup coconut oil

    1 tablespoon agave nectar

    1 tablespoon vanilla extract

    1 cup dark chocolate 73% (optional)

    Place almonds, flax meal, shredded coconut, almond butter and salt in a food processor

    Pulse briefly, about 10 seconds

    In a small sauce pan, melt coconut oil over very low heat,

    Remove coconut oil from stove,agave and vanilla into oil

    Add coconut oil mixture to food processor and pulse until ingredients form a coarse paste

    Press mixture into an 8 x 8 glass baking dish

    Chill in refrigerator for 1 hour, until mixture hardens

    In a small saucepan, melt chocolate over very low heat, stirring continuously

    Spread melted chocolate over bars; return to refrigerator for 30 minutes, until chocolate hardens

    Remove from refrigerator, cut into bars and serve

    Makes 20 bars

    These no bake, high-protein, high-fiber bars are based upon Melissa Diane Smith's recipe for Amaretto Protein Bars in her book Going Against the Grain and are a cinch to make. The chocolate topping makes them seem a bit decadent (skip it if you must, they'll still come out fine) --though dark chocolate, rich in anti-oxidants has now entered the echelon of power foods so I'll keep it on mine.

    By the way, the photo above is actually of Macadamia Power Bars. To make that recipe simply substitute raw macadamia nuts for the almonds and raw macadamia nut butter for the roasted almond butter.

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    Ohh this looks really good, will have to try it out.

    Thanks for posting marci

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    Elana's Pantry has some excellent recipe ideas. It's actually a gluten-free website I think, but many of the recipes are suitable for low carb. There's a recipe for no potato salad made out of cauliflower that I am looking forward to trying.

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    sorry I forgot to post a photo (not sure how to do that here) And thanks, Cloud- I'll do further searching on Elana's!

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    Not sure if this is common knowledge here, but if you want to get full benefit from raw nut meat, you need to soak it overnight first to de-activate some of the inhibitive enzymes.

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    and also after soaking the nuts, be sure to stick them in the dehydrator for 12-24 hrs to restore their cruch. I forgot to mention that too in the above post. Will be more careful next time!

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    I have read that soaking enhances this effect. However, Grok wouldn't have soaked his nuts. In a way I wonder if sometimes our attempt to make things easier on our stomach is doing us any good, or perhaps making our stomachs weaker. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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    I made this recipe yesterday and I won't be making it again . . . they are TOO GOOD, OMG! The recipe is fantastic and makes a super yummy dessert, but for someone trying to recover from a sugar addiction they are dangerous . Good thing they are almost gone.

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    I made them the other day too Sans Chocolate. They are awesome, right up there with Marks Primal Bars

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    You could try a larabar (homemade version!)

    1 cup dates, pitted and roughly chopped

    1 cup cranberries, dried, Cherry flavored (Ocean Spray makes flavored cranberries.) or dried cherries

    1 1/3 cups raw almonds

    1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

    olive oil, for your hands


    -Using a food processor, process the dates and cranberries until it forms a ball (your food processor will make a weird noise.).

    -Remove fruit paste from food processor and place in mixing bowl. Do not clean food processor.

    -Pulse almonds until it looks chopped (a few steps before it turns into almond meal).

    -Oil your hands. Knead the nuts and cinnamon powder into the fruit paste until the nuts are incorporated.

    -Shape into a brick and then slice and wrap.

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