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    Wasn't exactly sure where to put this thread so I tossed it in odds and ends. My daughter is almost 9 and has been on low dose antibiotics (maybe 1/12 of the dose you would get if the doc gave you some antibiotics for an infection) for about 6 months now and has another 6 months to go. She has a slight kidney problem that (usually - fingers crossed) fixes itself in about 12 months if infection can be stopped - this is why she takes it.

    My question is that I know antibiotics kill all your gut flora and it is necessary to eat/take certain supplements to restore, but is there anything I should be giving her while she is one a daily dose of antibiotics?


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    Is she supplementing with probiotics? That's the only thing I would think of, taking some probiotics (or probiotic foods like sauerkraut, yogurt, etc.) away from the antibiotic. Maybe some liver support, but if it's a really lose dose, that's probably not necessary.

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