Well, here is the start of my new journal as the title seemed a bit more fitting so to speak. After being diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes just barely 2 weeks ago and being a Twinkie hound (41 years old, 278 lbs at 6' 2") I embarked on doing what I needed to do to get back in shape and lead a healthier life.

That is when I found Mark's Daily Apple and his Primal Blueprint. Well, I must say.... it was a hell of an inspiration and when I jumped on these forums for the first time, there were a great many people that were not only welcoming, but fantastic in the sharing of information, suggestions and guidance. Absolutely amazing way to start.

Now, I have done the whole Weight Watchers thing.... what inevitably happened.... I watched my weight grow.

Being a Purple Heart Vet (Operation Desert Storm) came with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) came with addition "baggage" as well which has contributed to the weight gain as well. Needless to say, I am still in shock at how much weight had been gained in the last almost 20 years. I had gained a whopping 90 lbs! That is just ridiculous!

So, for the last almost 2 weeks, I have gone Primal. When I told my wifey about it, she laughed and asked, "You're not going to start running around in a loin cloth now are you?" I gave her an playful smile and said, "Not yet, but I soon will be!" So hence, the Countdown To Loin Cloth started!

Yes, I mean that literally! I want to get to a point when I can wear the fashion of Tarzan and look good doing it! hahaha And yes, I will embarrass myself and post up the Before, During and After pics to show the drastic change thanks to the Primal Blueprint!

I know it will take time but it will be a fun goal none the less.

When I got diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes just over 2 weeks ago, my blood sugar numbers were in the mid to high 200's DAILY. Since going Primal, my blood sugar numbers had steadily dropped and through this past weekend and today have dropped and maintained at a mere 96!!!!!! Not to mention the size of my gut dropped by almost HALF!!! Also, I have dropped just over 10 lbs and have kept it off!

I will post up some before and during pics within this next week or so.

I have been blown away by the results and I am one of the world's biggest (but getting smaller) skeptics on stuff like this. However, looks like Mark has something here and it is working!

So, the goal is to be able to sport a loin cloth within 1 year of going Primal. Who knows, maybe it will happen before then!!!!