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Thread: COUNTDOWN TO LOIN CLOTH - TAWFunGuy's Primal Journal page 236

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    Yeah, that sleep thing...even with more fresh air and exercise in my life than I ever thought possible before, sometimes the zzz's are still pretty elusive. But most of the time I can function fine after a less-than-great night's sleep. My husband says it's because I'm just so damn perky now that I'm primal :-) Of course, that comment comes from someone who is so very, very not a morning person....
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    Great info! My husband was just diag. w/ type2 diabetes, & has ~ 80 lbs. to lose. When you first started Primal, where was your carb level? (Did you go below ~50 grams a day &/ or go into ketosis)? Would appreciate any help!

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