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Thread: Are Indian Clay face masks primal??

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    Are Indian Clay face masks primal??

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    My roommate bought that Aztec indian clay face mask stuff a while ago, I tried it, thought it was pretty cool. It was kind of like a face massage.... but I wanted to know if this stuff is indeed primal and if it is good/bad/neutral for you.... anyone know??? I like doing the clay face masks for fun with my roommates but don't want to continue if it's not good for my skin.

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    So you enjoy the mask and you have no adverse effects, right?

    What's the question?

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    doh!!- was this a dumb question??... I wanted to know if the clay is primal or not??

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    The notion of "Primal" isn't supposed to dictate every aspect of your life. Your computer isn't primal. Don't overcomplicate this.

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    Got it! Thank you good-looking Primalchild man.

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