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    Here's the idea: We all travel even if it is just for vacation or the out of town business meeting. Primal is great when you are home and not so easy when you are grilling the poor waiter about where they get their meat and are the veges organic, in front of your boss or aunt Matilda. So if there is a great restaurant that serves grass-fed meat, local organic veges or other primal friendly fare drop their names here, even better give an address and phone or website.

    Here are a few I have been to:



    445 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60610

    Phone: 312-661-1434 | Fax: 312-661-1830

    One of Rick Bayless' places. Frontera may work too but I haven't been there. Pricey but great food and amazing staff. On a personal note, usually the celeb chef thing is a real turn off to me but the day we went we actually walked past Bayless going in so at least the boss shows up occasionally.



    21 N. Pinckney St. Madison, WI, 53703 608-255-6075


    Tell Tami, Lisette says Hi! Fabulous French and Italian influenced food. Not cheap but worth every penny!

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    Wow! Didn't expect to see Madison on the list here. Great find. I visit Madison quite often and didn't know there was a Primal dining option. Thanks for the tip.

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    Legume Bistro

    They actually have pound cake made with lard.

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    Any good sushi restaurant that has sashimi would qualify here, I believe.

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    I remembered a delicious joint with two locations in Chicago

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    Topolo/Frontera is pretty much my favorite restaurant combo of all time (followed by the late Zinfandel, which was around the corner many years ago).

    Bayless is in there frequently, way more than you'd expect. I gushed to him in fanboy fashion once a few years back, and he took it well.

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    In my more fanciful moments, I imagine opening a primal restaurant. I've got the whole thing in my head: the food, the presentation, the decor, the atmosphere...I'd love to get more people to associate "eating primal" with "eating just damn good food". I know it's possible; I've had some amazingly good primal-style dishes in restaurants (lamb and spinach in an Afghani restaurant, where the lamb was just barely cooked, and the spinach was fresh...)

    As for specific restaurants, I'll plug my local favourite, The Herbfarm. They always cook in-season and locally-sourced food -- the herb garden is there on site, if you want to stroll through it, and they have a "100-Mile Dinner" with exclusively local ingredients -- and are perfectly happy to accomodate any dietary preferences. They do wonderful seafood, in particular. They have an extensive wine cellar, but if you avoid wine, they'll also substitute a flight of custom-blended herb teas and infusions with your meal instead.

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