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Thread: Article blames high fat diet to insulin resistance and diabetes. I hate mainstream...

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    Article blames high fat diet to insulin resistance and diabetes. I hate mainstream...

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    Check out this gem of an article.

    Research explains link between diabetes and obesity

    My favorite part of the article:
    ''But the pay-off is that when they switch to a Western diet, which is high in fat, it stimulates these immune cells and consequently they get insulin resistance and diabetes,'' lead researcher Professor Len Harrison said.

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    Embarrassing isn't it. Funny how the data show only that weight reduction improves insulin sensitivity but the conclusion is that a high fat diet is to blame. Medical science is an oxymoron

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    Actually they said it was the Western diet (SAD) which is also high in fat (refined polyunsaturated fat) that was the cause, which I agree with. What they fail to realize is when SAD macronutrient contents are replaced with a more natural diet where carbs are not the prevelant macro, paleo being one of them, and the best one I might add, even when overall calories are not reduced insulin resistance and many of the other metabolic syndrome risk factors are also reduced. Weight loss and exercise enhance those factors, mind you even consuming a Western Diet weight loss and exercise will also reverse the risk factors of metabolic syndrome........which appears to be where their CW in fully ingrained.
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    My wife is Diabetic, and she's alway been told to lower her starch intake. Grain is a starch, of course, and doing so has improved her sugar control.
    It also helps mine (when I'm a good fella) be more stable, confirmed with a glucose meter.

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    I have much better control with mine as well with a lower starch intake, although being pregnant, I have noticed I have to raise my carb count, otherwise I am constatly crashing--like 35. It is amazing, I have to test my blood sugar before and after every meal, at 3 am and before bed and I can watch it drop. The 'bean' sucks it right out of me!
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