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Thread: Flexibility?

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    These days I think mobility (ROM) concept is better then flexibility concept.
    As everything else, if you don't use, you lose it.
    Grok probably did all (or most) kinds of movements, so had great mobility and great flexibility.

    The mobility seems to be affected by strength, core stability, and connectivity tissues.
    (There was a youtube video that shows how the core stability can immediately affect the mobility, but I cannot find it right now.)
    So, I think all these trainings can help mobility and flexibility:

    - Yoga. I do Yin Yoga for connectivity tissues

    - Regular strength exercises. I mostly do bodyweight (I highly recommend Al's books)

    - Core exercises:
    * plank, side plank
    * bridge
    * arch (superman)
    * hollow

    - Shoulder blade stability exercises. I am doing these:
    * kettlebell or barbell overhead squat (also good for hip joint)
    * kettlebell bent press
    * kettlebell press in squat position
    * Shoulder dislocation
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