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Thread: Primal Challenge Journal (James)

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    Primal Challenge Journal (James)

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    August 4, Day 2

    2069 calories total

    Fat 48% at 109 grams

    Protein 36% at 178 grams

    Carbs 14% at 86 grams

    All primal/Paleo foods with the exception of my meet. Not all grass fed, some bought at Costco and the like.


    1 hour bike ride to work (very easy pace. Beats driving)

    Heavy squats 215X5x5

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    August 5, Day 3

    2750 total cals

    Fat 56% at 178 grams

    Protein 29% at 197 grams

    Carbs 14% at 107 grams


    7:30am 1 hour bike home from work

    11:00am 1 hour Olympic lifting (snatch)

    3:00pm deadlift-heavy 5X3

    Quality food, all primal/paleo. Good rest, slept well. My weekness is eating too much in the evening hours leading up to bedtime. Past 2 nights I have stopped eating at 6pm, or 3 hours before bed. Sleep seems to have improved. Waking up more rested.

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