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    Good to see you back. Thanks for posting your wings recipe. I'm so going to make some, maybe even tomorrow. Would be nice to have some and make the folks at the new job jealous.

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    I don't feel like posting a full log for the last couple days. Monday was good, yesterday I didn't eat much for lunch and had a good supper of chicken wings and some veggies with just a little bit of ranch. Had a couple of drinks, one before and one after supper, chillin' in the living room.

    Today I had a great lunch. 6 pieces of thick bacon and a glass of unsweetened almond milk. I wasn't that hungry and it really hit the spot. I didn't bother blotting the fat off with paper towel, just scooped it into a plate and dug in. I had about a dime sized dab of HP sauce on the plate with it.

    I also bought a couple of things yesterday - some creatine and a tub of protein powder. I won't use the protein every day, but if I ever get stuck without anything decent to eat it'll be nice to at least get some protein into my body instead of going too hungry or eating crap.

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    knock knock...anyone home?

    Just checking in to see how the never-ending battle goes. I tend to check in on others when I'm on a roll myself...if I'm sucking...I stick my head in the sand.

    Like I said via text this long as you are following your goal line...the ups and downs don't matter. KCCO

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