Well, I'm a few months late starting this, but I think I'll start one anyway to chronicle the second phase of my Caveman Conversion.

As a starting point, I thought I'd post a little bit of a diary I found on my computer from last year. It was pretty much how most of my "get in shape" quests went in years past:

May 18/09

198.6 lbs @ 23%

July 10/09

196 lbs

holy fuck dude, two months and two pounds. wake up you lazy cu*t and do something about this.

July 20/09

197 lbs

just got back from holidays, fat and fucking gross. today is the day. no beer, low carbs, eating TOTALLY CLEAN for the next 4 weeks. goal is to lose 15 pounds. would take me to 182 by Aug 20

Aug 17/09

194.2lbs @ 26.2%

jesus christ.

September 4/09

too fat to be bothered weighing. holy shit.

anyway, Darren and I have both signed up memberships at gyms. I start on Tuesday (holiday Mon) to the gym with Kevin. This is absolutely the last fucking straw, and I will do this.

Anyway, from Aug 17 at 194, my fitness and eating plan took me to just over 200 pounds by the end of 2009. Hell of a program.

Well after about 6 months of doing the caveman thing, which is 4 months longer than I've ever managed to keep to any kind of eating or fitness plan, I've lost 34 pounds and feel better than I have in years, going from 201 to 167. I'm surprised how easy this has been, with fat melting off me even at 36 years old. I'm in better shape than I was in my twenties.

So my plan is to continue with the eating plan, and ramp up my workouts a little bit, in hopes of putting on some more muscle. I'm in no rush though, and I don't want to do a "mass cycle" or anything like that - I want to keep the bodyfat in check during this.

So anyway, this will be mostly a workout and food log for me I guess, something I can look back on. Of course if I get some comments and advice mixed in as well, I would love it.