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    Hello to all,

    I have been on and off primal eating for a few months now. But I recently started a job that flipped my life upside down. I work very long hours without a break and the stress of the job is insane. This leaves me wanting to find the quickest and easiest food to eat. And then I end up eating more food than I need to eat and it's usually carbs! But I truly don't enjoy unhealthy food. My body feels the difference when I give it up. So now that I have been at this job for about a few months, I decided it is time to get serious about going primal. I could use all the support I can get!! Any tips for a busy and stressful lifestyle and going primal?

    Thank you in advance!!

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    I find that keeping raw, unsalted almonds, and something like sardines, smoked kippers, and tuna at work helps.

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    Whew! I empathize, having been there.

    Hopefully you can somehow tough it out a few days to switch to burning mostly fats not carbs. Then have a luxurious high fat/protein meal before going to work. Spring for primal treats like macadamia nuts to snack on. Plan ahead what you are going to eat when you get off, something quick but primal.

    Good luck!!!

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    hi! welcome;-)
    Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that's bad for you! ~Tommy Smothers

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