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Thread: Primal Challenge Journal (scru_loose)

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    DAY 8

    Feels good to have been going at this for a solid week now

    It's hard to get any decent exercise in with this crack in my heel bone as it's painful to walk. So decided swimming would be a super substitute and did it for about 30-40 mins in the morning fasted state :-)

    B: 4 egg omelette, with bacon peppers and garlic

    S: Eat Natural yoghurt coated bar

    L: Apple with almond butter

    D: Chicken salad with large red wine, handfull assorted nuts and 6 squares dark chocolate

    WOD: Swimming in sprints, and a few pull up variations

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    Day 9

    B: Apple and 2 Sausages

    S: Handful of assorted nuts

    L: IF

    D: Wild Alaskan Salmon salad with glass of red wine

    S: 1 square of dark chocolate, a few cranberries and pumpkin seeds.

    WOD: few pull ups, not much really as foot is still painful so can't really do too much.

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    DAY 10

    If there's one thing i've noticed so far.. it's been a weird sleeping pattern and hard to wake up in the mornings. I'm putting my faith in the PB to pull through and once i'm passed it, have more energy

    LATE B: small O'juice, banana, eat natural cereal bar, 2 squares of dark choc, 3 egg bacon omelette with peppers and garlic.

    SNACKING Throughout day: on a few pumpkin seeds, cranberries, 1 Stick of Celery dipped in almond butter

    Dinner: Smoked Haddock Salad

    WOD: rest day. I could maybe say a 30 minute walk at tops

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    Day 11

    This was a messy day for me... I'm not quite sure why but I was hungry all day, especially when I got in after drinking.

    B: apple, eat natural bar, 3 egg omelette with canjun chicken garlic, peppers,

    L: SNACKED frequently throughout the day on dark chocolate, cranberries, nuts and pumpkin seeds

    D: Huge Piri Piri chicken salad with celery and peppers. :-)

    About half a bottle of red and about 6 pints of lager

    WOD: 20 spiderman push-ups

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    Day 12

    Today was great. Me and Kane found an organic farm shop really near to where we live and also discovered they run a farmers market every saturday. :-)

    B: IF


    D: smoked haddock salad, with spinach leaves and chopped celery.

    S: we found some organic ice cream at the farm shop we visited, wasn't sure if it was completly primal but almost.. had 3 or 4 scoops just before bed.

    WOD: had a rest day today, like i keep saying though, can't wait till my foot is better :-)

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    Day 13

    B: Glass of Orange juice, apple and omelette with mushroom, garlic, onion and ginger

    L: IF

    S: pump seeds and cranberries, few assorted nuts

    D: 88% lean pork sausage salad

    S: assorted nuts and cranberries

    WOD: pull up variations and powerballforearm workout (not quite primal, but awesome forearm workout)

    Need to chill out on the snacking me thinks

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    DAY 14:

    B: banana and a 4 egg omelette with garlic, mushroom and onion

    L: assorted nuts

    D: chicken salad with spinach leaves and chopped celery.

    S: assorted nuts

    WOD: Pull up variations, powerball spins

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    DAY 15

    B: Apple, Banana, few assorted nuts

    S: Nuts and pumpkin seeds

    L: IF

    S: Nuts and seeds

    D: 4 Egg Omelette with garlic, ginger, onion and mushroom followed by an organic chicken thigh on the bone

    S: When I got back after work at 3:30am I felt i'd truly earnt myself a beer (was A-level results day and my first day behind the bar of an extrenely busy club so as you can imagine -- it was rammed to the hilt!) snacked on a few nuts and then slept for 9 hours

    WOD: Pull ups - variations of

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    DAY 16

    I felt like fasting today as it was about time again so...



    D: 2 egg omelette with garlic, ginger, mushroom and spinach, bowl of salad on the side

    S: after work i had very few assorted nuts

    WOD: Pull ups, variations

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    DAY 17

    Found an awesome farmers market today which will now most likely become mine and kane's top choice for shopping.

    B: Yeo valley organic apricot yoghurt 450g followed by a 3 egg omelette with mushroom garlic ginger and onion topped with chopped sausages (80% lean).


    D: brocolli colliflower and baby carrots and a glass of red

    S: primal powerball

    WOD: pull ups variations

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