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Thread: My own journal

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    I need to keep up with this a lot better. I'll try to start posting pictures again soon, just need to find my camera. I may end up looking worse than my first picture after all the crap I've been putting into my body.

    Today has sort of been a recovery day. I've been (trying) to run with my brother to give him some support for his cross country practice, and it's been tearing me apart. I normally just do a quick 1 mile run every morning, but anything more than that and I feel like I aged 50 years. Yesterday I was with my significant other all day since I only get to see him once a week. We had burgers and chinese food, with lots of soda and lemonade... I was definitely feeling it today. I hardly slept at all last night, and felt like a zombie in the morning. (I'm normally a morning person) Having healthier food and a good long bubble bath followed by a nap seems to have put me back on track.

    3 eggs loaded with onion, and 4 slices of bacon.

    Mid afternoon:
    Cottage cheese with a giant mango that's been ripening on the counter for the past couple of days. It was delicious.

    Evening: Snacking on plums and almonds. Haven't been too hungry today.

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    Today was a really heavy fruit day... I don't know what to do about my fruit addiction. If I lived by myself, I would simply not buy it, but I'm stuck living at home, and my mom likes to have a plentiful fruit basket available. And then this afternoon, I caved and ate a chocolate bar. I normally wouldn't have, but it was bought off of a little girl at our front door. I'm such a sucker for kids selling stuff.

    I was supposed to have an interview or something today, but they said they didn't have the right paperwork and to come back in the afternoon, so I did and they said they still didn't have it and told me to come back tomorrow morning. If I wasn't so desperate I would have told them to screw themselves by now, but I really really need it. Hopefully I can get this job, because then I can bike to work, and get out of my parents house.

    What I remember stuffing into my face today:

    3 eggs with half a small onion fried in bacon fat
    3 eggs with leftover grilled chicken cooked in bacon fat with onions. (I've been in an egg mood today, is it bad to eat a lot of eggs in one day?)
    Huge apple
    Strawberries in a bowl of milk
    Chocolate bar with almonds

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    So far today has been wonderful. I found out that I (pretty sure) have a job!! Working at Subway, but who cares, money is money, right? I'm supposed to get a call from someone today or tomorrow to get things going.

    I found out the library is less than a mile away, and I can take back roads to get there on my bike without running into heavy traffic. I picked up Good Calories, Bad Calories and will start digging into that as soon as I'm done here... well, maybe after I have some lunch.

    Had a late breakfast since I had to go in and fill out job paperwork stuff, and then went car shopping.
    3 eggs
    2 slices bacon
    1/2 cup of onions
    1 banana

    Lunch was a leftover stir-fry. I hate microwaving leftovers... bleh.

    4/5ish oz pork chop
    handful green beans
    1 small sweet potato
    1/2 an onion
    The teeeeensiest dash of teriyaki sauce. It's one of my weaknesses.
    All cooked in bacon fat.

    I think it looks (and tastes!) pretty darn good for leftovers.
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