I am a regular consumer of both canned sardines and canned wild salmon. Some days I could eat a can of each. I also have some days where I have spouts of paranoia whenever I see the letters BPA, as I always hear how canned food can leak this toxin which can do many poopy things inside the body.

What have you guys heard about the consumption of canned goods? I realize that the best way to not be paranoid is to simply eschew from all canned foods, but it is hard to find bottled salmon and sardines, and the fresh wild salmon is hella expensive, especially for a student budget.

I love the canned wild salmon because it is a great, affordable, and delicious way to get a good dose of protein after a workout, but if eating it involves the risk of throwing off my endocrine system then no thanks.

I also cut out as much plastic from my life as I could a few months ago, so all my food is stored in glass or porcelain containers. However, my beloved La Croix is canned, and canned beverages can leak BPA too

Now, am I being too paranoid about this issue, or is there rationale behind my concern?