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Thread: Skype Me!

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    Skype Me!

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    I'm sad and lonely and my Skype handle is evanicus.

    Won't this be fun!!

    Oh, I guess you can post your Skype handles, too, and we can turn this in to a general Skyping thread.

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    Great thread! Believe it or not, I just added my first skype contact today! Now I have 2 - yay!

    I feel incredible right now - the primal community is really starting to come together! We are 1!!

    I am going to start a facebook thread. I have a primal facebook list on my blog -

    If you are NOT on there then let me know so I can add you! I will sort it out by state when it reaches 1000 or so.
    Find me at Cheers!

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    My Skype handle is texaskojak or you can use my Skype number: 281-973-6707 (local call from the Houston area). I'm 7 hours ahead of US Central time and usually have my 'puter up and running. Skype has been a gift from the gods for communicating with my family and now I can start using it for networking with my primal brothers and sisters, cool!
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