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Thread: "Magic Shell" for ice cream

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    "Magic Shell" for ice cream

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    Most of us indulge in ice cream, coconut milk ice cream, frozen whipped heaven,... some variation of frozen dessert every once in a while. I know I do and I was missing my Magic Shell stuff (you pour it on the ice cream, it hardens up and creates a shell over the ice cream.) I refused to eat it because all the crap in it. Then I got the brilliant idea of coconut oil being solid at that temperature and ran with it.
    Chocolate Magic Shell
    2 tbsp coconut oil
    2 tbsp cocoa powder

    Stir to combine, pour over ice cream. I'm sure you could use other flavoring agents, but my go- to is chocolate or chocolate pecan.
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    Thanks for the idea! I'll have to try it out soon. I've also thought about this. My first inkling came when making coconut oil chocolates. Then I remembered that the main ingredient in Magic Shell is...coconut oil! Back when I ate the name-brand Magic Shell, I thought the high saturated fat content was bad. Now I know I should have been much more worried about all the sugar and other crap in it!

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    I like to pour coconut oil on frozen blueberries, to make that nice crunchy coating. It's even better if you mix in some cinnamon.
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    whoa, you read my mind! A chef I work with just gave me the same idea a couple nights ago!

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    I bet this would make great frozen banannas!

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    Thank you.

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