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Thread: Primal and Pregnancy

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    I kept a paleo diet last pregnancy, although like others I found that it was harder in the first trimester and for me got progressively easier the further toward the end. I just found that I felt a need for more carbs and tolerated them better as well. Although, I still kept it a lot lower than most people. My activity level wasn't as high this pregnancy as my last, for some reason I found eating pretty easy but the last trimester I had a harder time staying active. In my second pregnancy I was low carb but not as strict on the paleo but did great on keeping very active throughout. This last time- I was strictly gluten and soy free and only had dairy a handful of times.

    I think the diet and the exercise makes a huge difference in pregnancy and how you feel, it is amazing. However, every pregnancy is different- I just focus on doing the best I can- I hope next pregnancy is even better.

    I had PUPPPs in my first pregnancy but not since(have 3 kids now). As pp mentioned it is most likely in the first boy pregnancy. I have read as well that liver support- like dandelion root and such is a real help. The first time I ended up on the steroids as I was so miserable and hadn't slept in weeks. Those that haven't went through it do not understand how horrid it is. Mine didn't go away until a few weeks afterward either.

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    Hi Andrea! That's too cool that you started 8/11. I'll look forward to keeping up with you. When will you officially start trying to conceive?

    BTW, it took us 4 months to get pregnant the first time, then happened the first month this time. 4 months is totally within the range of normal, and sometimes it takes far longer than that, even with no fertility issues. I read "Real Food for Mother and Baby" by Nina Planck, prior to finding MDA or knowing anything about the Primal Blueprint, and she talks at length about the best foods for fertility, including... liver. So many of the food concepts she discusses match perfectly to the advice on this website, and best of all it's geared toward moms! I picked it up when I was starting my daughter on solid foods, and wished I had read it prior to getting pregnant.

    HannahC and Spinner, congrats on your pregnancies! I also had way less energy in the first trimester, especially during the first two months. Our bodies have to work really hard to get that placenta up and running.

    HannahC, wow, I'm impressed that you're able to exercise as much as you are. It speaks highly of PB that you went into pregnancy having done it for a year and you're starting off in such good shape.

    I'm walking (with my daughter in the stroller) pretty much daily, doing occasional Prenatal Yoga, cycling or swimming, and have started the bodyweight exercises, which I love. I did try one brief sprint on my bike, and haven't decided whether or not to incorporate sprints yet. I think I have the energy for it, I just don't want to do anything dangerous to baby, obviously.

    Spinner, I LOVE Ezekiel bread. Hated giving it up, but I did, so far anyway.

    Maybe I'll try to start a group for us Pregnant Primals...

    Blessing to you and your families!


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    ausitinmama, I've actually been a bit of a slacker lately Though last week I walked and hiked TONS with a friend, and just yesterday went for a 4 mile walk outside because it was gorgeous out. I have 6 prental yoga/pilates videos from the library right now, I want to do each one and decide who I like so I can buy one.

    I'm officially in my second trimester now and definitely feel the boost in energy. I was so lucky to have minimal nausea in the first trimester! At this point, I want to make sure I stay active and quench my carb cravings with fruit rather than chocolate...the sugar cravings have been driving me insane! The baby is doing great though, we just saw it (don't know if it's him/her yet) on an ultrasound today, and it was squirming and waving and kicking all over the place
    You are what you eat,
    and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan

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    Our conversation re: paleo inspired me to make a blog:
    Its a new blog exploring paleo eating and cross-fit-type training during pregnancy (with musings on natural health and recipes of course)
    Check it out if you want!:hugs:
    xo Lizzie

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    My cousin is pregnant right about. About 3 months already. I was just worried with her because she's always bleeding. I told her to go to the doctor for some check ups and eat a lot of nutritious food. Just want to ask if you already experience this thing. She dont want to go to the doctor, but how can we find out? Any reply will be appreciated. Thanks

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