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    I am so glad i am not alone. wow what a relief.

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    People really do buy the wheat / gluten intolerance bit. I mean, it's more and more common these days and seeing as that most of my family / friends know I've had issues with migraines for much of my life, if I explain I'm avoiding wheat or other grains to reduce them, they don't seem to say much about it. Avoiding candy on the other hand, eh, that's a little harder.

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    These days I'll just say that eating a lot of sugar and grains makes me feel really run down, tired, and foggy for the next few hours, so I generally avoid them, and that since avoiding them I've felt a lot healthier. It's completely true, and a completely valid reason! I'll explain more about the health detriments of grains etc. if anyone asks, but generally nobody does.

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    What I find interesting is when my friends and family are about to suggest eating something that I try to avoid, like cake or ice cream or burgers or poutine, they stop and say to me, "Oh, that's right, you don't like that stuff." I tell them emphatically that yes, I do indeed like that stuff. Love it. Love the taste, love to eat it. I just hate the side effects, from how it makes me feel immediately after to how it affects my metabolism.

    It's funny that they believe that if you avoid a kind of food, that means you don't like it, as though we all must indulge in the things we like at least semi-regularly. As though avoiding delicious but unhealthy foods were akin to self-deprivation of an almost criminal nature. My brother gives me that one a lot. "You're depriving yourself and it's unhealthy." Meanwhile he's over 200 pounds at about 5' tall (born with spina bifida) and constantly sick.

    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!

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    Oh, yes!

    My mother, especially, never fails to give me her two cents. "You have no fat reserves! Your body is literally starving for carbohydrates!" I lead by "quiet example" now. Try not to bring attention to it unless somebody asks, for example. Don't criticize their eating, and tell them you expect the same out of them.

    If they're really being sticklers about it, tell them that this is for your health and happiness instead of just a tactic to lose weight. Perhaps they'll see it a little differently and support your new lifestyle change.

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    @Primalchild--I hear you on the it, but it does not love me....that feeling is enough to keep me family is learning to deal with the Mrs and I

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    Ughh! I had another one of those lunch meetings at work today. This time the menu featured fajitas. Basically it was what so obviously looked like meat product fashioned into strips, fake grill marks and all, swimming in some sort of sauce; flour tortillas, tortilla chips, salsa (cooked and probably with added sugar), "guacamole", sour cream and...of course, the cake...always a friggin' cake. And this time, also a huge platter of chocolate chip cookies.

    I sat quietly waiting for the actual meeting to start and again endured endless inquiries as to why I wasn't eating.

    Co-worker: "You're not eating?!"

    Me: "I'm going to eat later"

    Co-worker: "What's wrong, do you feel sick?"

    Me: "Nope, just waiting until later"

    (more co-workers join in)

    Co-worker2: "What's the matter, you don't like mexican?"

    Me: "I love Mexican"

    Co-worker3: "Why aren't you eating?! Are you okay??"

    Boss: "You're not eating?!?"

    You get the idea. After the first barage finally stopped and everyone finished their lunch, then came the damn cake and cookies. Again with the questions. One of the doctors even walked up to me with the platter of cookies saying "Come on, it's not gonna kill ya!" I'm just thinking to myself, after watching the "Sugar: the Bitter Truth" video that yes, yes it will kill me! I so badly wanted to stand up and shout at them all to leave me the freak alone! I don't want to eat your poison!! You're all fat and catty because you're poisoning yourselves!!!

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    "You're all fat and catty because you're poisoning yourselves!!!"

    That is funny

    All you can do is do the right thing for yourself, and act as a role model. Let everyone else have the character flaws where they cross boundaries, make fun, act pushy, etc., while you are unobtrusive, polite, but have a firm stance on your beliefs. Over time, I think this approach will gain the respect of the people you interact with.

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    i think the best strategy of dealing with friends and acquaintances who stick to conventional wisdom paradigm, and are rather intolerable is NOT to assert your righteousness or total infallibility of your approach: it would be better NOT to proselytize them or try to convert them (if there is no chance of success) into your "belief"... just say that you're NOT sure whether you're completely right or not, and you're just trying it (pretend it's just a new fad diet, and you may quit it shortly) - this way, they would not be serious in their evaluation of your way...

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    tphillips: Good luck. It's sad how aggressive people will get over something that's clearly making you look and feel better.

    I guess I lucked out (??) by seeming to have a gluten intolerance -- I still need to get tested, but saying 'I'm think I'm gluten sensitive' has been understood by everyone thus far. When it comes to avoiding other sugary, processed foods it gets tougher...soda, juice, anything low-fat, etc. I definitely got the 'you're crazy' look from one of my roommates from just saying 'I'm avoiding sugar now', and that's without going into 'I'm eating a lot of fat' and all of that other good stuff. I have yet to tell anyone but my boyfriend the full primal manifesto, so to speak. I'm not sure how everyone will react.

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