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Thread: Hi from New York

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    Hi from New York

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    Hi, My name is Danielle. I am 34 years old, 5' 1'' and weigh 128 lbs. My goal weight is 110-115, I am hoping the primal lifestyle can get me there. I have 2 babies, and I have not been able to lose all my weight from my youngest, he is 16 months. I feel that when I eat carbs or sugar, it makes me feel really weird. I get the shakes and start to sweat, so I have always tried to avoid eating the stuff. Although I havent been totally successful in the past. I am ready to do this. I started 2 days ago and i have lost 2 lbs

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    Hi Danielle, there are a lot of us in NYC, check out the paleo meetup group too. Good luck!

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