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Thread: Fellow Primal Girl @ Whole Foods in San Diego?

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    Fellow Primal Girl @ Whole Foods in San Diego?

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    Hey! I think I ran into a fellow PBer girl @ Whole foods today. I picked up some beef liver and was talking to my friend about how I could cook it and this girl chimed in to cook it in bacon grease with onions or put it in ground beef. Only a primal chick would say that. I was wearing my Grok On shirt, im curious if it was actually a fellow PBer or someone with just really good taste in food.

    Anyway, I cant wait to start up a Primal Tribe/Clan here in SD and meet all you SoCal primal people!!

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    I am a beginning Primal-type but live in SD county. That would be fun to form a clan! My husband thinks I am a little nuts but likes the bacon.

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