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Thread: Taking My life Back - Primal Journal Day 3

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    Made My appointment for my first weigh in with my doctor.

    I Streamlined the detox juice today, using my juicer instead of my Vitamix. Also reduced ingredients to just:

    1 Large head Romaine lettuce

    1 Large Cucumber

    1 Large head of Celery

    ... MUCH tastier

    Workout was about the same:


    Added "Powerbreathe" Level 30 breathes

    Added Be Breathed routine

    Beginning warm up from CSTGX

    Beginner FlowFit flow

    11 minutes on the Gazelle -

    (Got 3 more minutes than day 1!)

    CSTGX Warm down

    Cheated at breakfast - Had a bad dream night with the 4yo - needed caffiene.

    Made a "Tea Smoothie"

    10oz Green Juice

    1 packet AZ green tea instant (pomegranate)

    5oz plain yogurt

    1/8 tsp Stevia

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    I Haven't posted in several days, but I got over the 3 day hump with the juice fast.

    Workouts are the same, juice is the same.

    BIG CHANGE!!!!

    Saw my doctor today for my 1st week follow up ...

    WAAHOOOO !!! Blood pressure down from 110/78 to 100/60

    Weight down from 358# to 348#

    10lbs in 7 days!!

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    Took a day off for a play day ... Our son is in day and mom and dad had a free day .... off to the movies!

    I didn't blow the diet. just lost my normal exercise routine for the day. We did an hour of mall walking instead.

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