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    shoes and shoes

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    I was wondering- I always walk barefoot at home, and take long walks barefoot in the summer- I love being barefoot- so I'm good on the barefoot part but I was wondering about the shoe part- when wearing shoes, even if it's considered not the most important here, is there a difference between shoes? For instance, I have scoliosis, are super cushiony shoes good or bad? I walk hrs every day, and was thinking maybe I needed different shoes- like those Nike shox I see everywhere- to help my back when walking so very much. But now I'm not so sure after reading all the shoe stuff on here. I did try to ask a couple chiropractors, but in order to get an answer, I need "several consultations" they said- in other words, I need to spend lots of cash before they'll give me a simple guiding answer any ideas? :O)

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    I have a minor scoliosis in my lower back. Shoes don't really seem to matter. The chiropractor can, of course, help with the spinal issue to a point.

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    Chiropractors can work wonders. Don't get super cushioning shoes. It will throw you off.

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    IMO, you'd do better to buy a few different styles of shoes to see which helps and which hurts than you would giving money to faith healers.

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