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Thread: Stone Age House

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    Stone Age House

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    Archaeologists working on Stone Age remains at a site in North Yorkshire say it contains Britain's earliest surviving house. ... [It] dates to at least 8,500 BC ...
    It's quite a substantial structure, too:

    The research team unearthed the 3.5 metres circular structure next to an ancient lake at Star Carr ...

    The team are currently excavating a large wooden platform next to the lake, made of up timbers which have been split and hewn. The platform is the earliest evidence of carpentry in Europe.
    Let's cut to the chase:

    According to the team, they migrated from an area now under the North Sea, hunting animals including deer, wild boar, elk and enormous wild cattle known as aurochs.

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    Thanks for sharing! Very interesting.
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    Oh, darn. I thought this was an announcement for a new PBS show.

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    For what it's worth, the Auroch is the ancestor of our modern domesticated cattle. That means that you can eat just like our ancestors did, if you can find it grass fed like it's supposed to be.

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