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Thread: Receding Hairline from Primal Diet?

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    Receding Hairline from Primal Diet?

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    I started going primal I guess back at the start of June and my hairline has been receding rapidly over the past two weeks or so. I know that low-carb diets can cause temporary loss of hair, but I would like to know more. Is it common for the hairline to recede in response to low carb or is it usually just hair from all over the head? People talk about pulling clumps of hair from the shower, but I don't notice hair in the drain or on my pillow, just that it is leaving town at an alarming rate.

    On my mother's side guys had full heads of hair, maybe with a little receding hairlines. I never expected not have it recede a little over time, but within a couple of weeks is just scary.

    I eat a lot of eggs, bacon and usually 3 lbs of steak a week. I have also been eating a lot of berries, salads, nuts, chicken and salmon. I probably do eat a lot less than I used to though. I have started taking biotin and mineral supplements.

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    I'd love a big guide to hairloss from Mark. I am holding my ground for the time being, but genetics are not exactly on my side here.

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    I think my hair is a bit fuller and less gray. Maybe wishful thinking, but at least it is not receding. Been doing primal about 2 months. I'm 67.

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    My fiance has had a receding hairline since we got together, ive noticed his hair has gotten thicker and stopped receding since

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