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Thread: acai, goji

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    the science on these foods is pretty compelling. they might not be necessary if you're doing everythign you need to do to be healthy, but they will certainly be helpful.. and for those of us who aren't living so well, they might be part of a program to get someone on their feet.

    anybody eat these regularly and in what form?

    some rich lady friend of mine gave me monavie, which is an expensive but good acai product. it's freeze dried then the pulp is used to make a juice, and their studies show that this is a pretty effective way of maintaining nutrients. ive heard tons of local stories about this product- it's been recommended by a local naturopathic doctor, there are stories of people using it as part of their anti-cancer regiments, etc.. to me it seems to have similar results to making a very high quality vegetable juice, which is a great source of food but inconvenient for most people.

    but monavie like most other similar products is flash pasteurized, and despite the fact that the juicing and shipping techniques are of the highest quality, it still isn't as good as fresh.

    i heard one recommendation for the straight up frozen berries because they're not pasteurized - currently sold by amazon mania.

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    I drink 2-4 oz daily of 100% pure organic noni juice.

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    I usually eat normal and organic yoghurt for dinner with dried goji and acai berries and a little bit of honey (Super Fruits and Tea)

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