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    Fat Free Half-and-half

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    I recently had the amazing opportunity to travel in Florida for 3 weeks. I am from Victoria, BC and I was so shocked at how much more obsessed stores were with the low fat culture. We shopped at the standard big box stores (it was all on my boyfriend's non-primal parents dime) and god help me if I could find coffee cream or yogurt with fat in it. My most frustrating experience was being at Wal Mart and finding NO cream, not even half-and-half. Oh, but there was FAT FREE half-and-half. WTF is that? How is that different from skim milk? More chemicals and artificial things to make it ~seem~ fatty?

    The stores and people are more obsessed with low fat and yet the population is much more obese than what I'm used to seeing. It all makes me kind of sad.

    Needless to say I am very happy to be back home.

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    fat-free fat: it is modern magic! They can add it on top of low-carb breads and tofu bacon.
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    We have that at our stores in Los Angeles: it's one of the scariest things I've ever seen.
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    Awful isn't it. At my usual supermarket, we are down to just ONE selection of pure cream in small cartons, and they don't replenish it until the last one is sold. There's a few thickened ones, and most are 'light' 'reduced fat' etc etc. Drives me nuts.

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    Is an oxymoron. Emphasis on moron.

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    I'm guessing the cartons are just filled with water.
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    The more I clean up my diet, the more disappointing the regular grocery stores are to me. I used to shop the perimeter of the store and be happy. Then I started to really look at those foods: produce from another country (how old is that?), factory meats and poultry, ultra-pasteurized dairy products that are mostly fat free. Fat free or low fat is the big thing here and most of it is chemical concoctions. Ugh.

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    I used that back in the day. Even then I thought it was a little strange but I'd do whatever it took to eat less calories. Fat-free half & half... half skim milk, half pure creepiness. *shudder*
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    Back in the day I had to eat cereal in skim milk. *blech*

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    I confess to having bought the fat-free half and half; like mayness, just trying to consume fewer calories. I used about 1/3 of the carton then I looked at the ingredients. Even pre-PB, I knew all those chemical-y items couldn't be good. I poured it out.
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