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Thread: Fat Free Half-and-half

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    I tried to find unsweetened coconut at the regular grocery store yesterday to no avail. Fat free everything and sugar added to everything. Meh.
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    That is ALL my parents buy and use at home! Grrr. They are retired physicians and use low-fat fake everything. (They did buy and use real half and half while I was visiting, so they wouldn't need a separate container just for me.)

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    It's amazing. Our grocery stores actually are stocking more full-fat dairy and local! dairy. At our grocery store, we now have full fat Fage and Brown Cow yogurt, which was unheard of a couple years ago. But still, maybe it's a step in the right direction? Maybe, maybe not. They still have squeeze yogurts and Trix? yogurts. And yogurts with candy pieces. And that's just the dairy aisle. Grocery stores confuse me.

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    I agree...I'm from Abbotsford, B. blessed as you are..just got my organic, full fat cream this morning...albeit not 'raw' least it's better than other's so little I have each day...just a dash in my morning coffee.... oh but wait, this morning, in the organic aisle, I saw soy cream for the typical 'cream' carton..YIKES!! what a joke!

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    Nice to see someone else from Victoria, BC! I'm from there, but I now live in Finland. I miss Victoria! I miss a coffee shop and a yoga class on every street corner, and the mountains and the ocean. Never lacking for something to do! I'm sure you know about the organic butcher's in Oak Bay Village, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beauty View Post
    I'm sure you know about the organic butcher's in Oak Bay Village, right?


    I've been getting grass-fed (sometimes grain finished) beef from a Halal butcher in Quadra Village (close to Quadra and Hillside). I'll have to check out the Oak Bay Village butcher.

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    I live in Florida and never had this problem... sorry you had trouble here!
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