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Thread: The Easiest, Tastiest Milkshake Ever

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    The Easiest, Tastiest Milkshake Ever

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    Sorry if this recipe is already well know amongst other Primals, but I've recently discovered a super easy recipe.

    Coconut Banana Milkshake
    Very Ripe Bananas
    Coconut Milk (full fat, as if I had to tell you!)

    1) Slice bananas into ~1.5 inch long chunks and freeze (until completely solid)
    2) Place frozen banana chunks in blender, pour coconut milk over them, not enough to cover. Pulse on on your blender's "ice breaker" or "smoothie/margarita" setting, adding more coconut milk if they're not blending or to adjust the consistency.

    If you've ever made banana-only "ice-cream" you know that blended frozen bananas have a SUPER creamy consistency. Combined with smooth, fatty coconut milk, it makes a fabulous milk shake, without any of the graininess that smoothies made with ice can have. Amazing dessert.

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    Personally, very ripe bananas do bad things to me, but I'll definitely try this with barely yellow ones!! Sounds darn yummy.
    Started PB late 2008, lost 50 lbs by late 2009. Have been plateaued, but that thing may just be biting the dust: more on that later.

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