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Thread: How much to worry about Omega-6 in beef, arachidonic acid in egg, etc. page 2

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    There is more omega 3 in gress fed beef. There is about .02 g of omega 3 in 100g of conventional beef. Pastured beef has 10X times that amount or .2g per 100g... or still nothing.

    Worrying about omegas in beef is not worth the effort.

    There are important issues regarding pastured vs. conventional animal products but omega content is not one of them.
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    Thanks everyone for your excellent feedback. I'm re-thinking the grass-fed beef thing some. There is a lot of propaganda out there.

    chima_p: Thanks for the info. Actually conventional beef has much more Omega-6 than grass fed, but I see from your point about the total Omega fats that it may be less significant than I was imagining.

    Khrystyna: good idea about eating fish/fish oil when taking in Omega-6 sources. It seems so obvious now....

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    As mentioned by others, there is little Ω6 in grain fed beef.....but there is more saturated fat overall. Grassfed animals are leaner.

    ITA with Khrystyna on the fish oil. I take enough to balance the Ω6 in any given meal....and it's usually not a lot. is a great tracker for EFA ratios.

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