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Thread: What do you eat?

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    What do you eat?

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    Maybe a stupid question, and obviously you're all eating primal. But, I just wanted to compare.
    How much meat, eggs, fish etc. how many cheats or almost primal (coconut flour) foods.
    Basically, just curious.

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    Here is a normal day:

    B: 3 eggs + 2 strips bacon + 1/4lb ground beef OR bowl of berries + nuts + seeds and coffee with coconut milk
    L: BAS (big bowl of leafy greens + chicken and lots of veggies with some cheese and nuts) if not IFing (most days I IF during Lunch)
    D: Some sort of 1/2lb-1lb of meat + sauteed veggies or roasted potato
    Dessert: Sometimes if Im hungry Ill have frozen fruit or avocado chocolate pudding or dark chocolate and wine.

    I cheat once a week on the weekends but its never very big...i have one 'big' cheat once a month, like ill bake some homemade bread or something...but even that is not happening as much anymore. It just doesnt taste as good to me any more. I used to make primal coconut 'cookies' or biscuits and stuff but I usually just dont want to take the time anymore...meh. hahah

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    umm..well i'd say most days i eat just over a half pound of red meat (steak or lamb) and about a quarter lb of fat (usually suet), along with herbs like basil, oregano, tarragon, parsley etc..
    I eat liver once a week (about 1/2 lb), as well as a few lamb kidneys, lamb hearts and bone marrow.
    I also eat grassfed butter and cream in the summer...maybe once a week..
    occasional veggies, and sometimes berries in season.

    Don';t really care for "cheats" they usually make me feel icky, though sometimes when i go out i may have a lil rice as that doesnt cause me any problems...
    Also, this summer i've been enjoying double cream sweetened with some dextrose (not primal, but at least no fructose!)

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    I eat maybe a pound of meat on an average day, plus a few eggs. Plenty of veg. It depends on the day. Search the threads, "what did you eat for dinner" etc., people have already given a ton of examples of PB meals.

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    Mostly meat (grassfed beef or organic poultry - we don't eat a lot of pork except some bacon now and then), eggs (omega 3 or farmstand pastured), and veggies (local organic farm CSA box). Pasture butter from whole foods, also pasture ghee from whole foods, 85% dark chocolate (a few squares) every day. Coconut milk in my tea or in a curry or in a smoothie almost every day. Coconut flour pancakes maybe once or twice a month. One or two pieces of fruit almost every day. Larabar or nuts/dried fruit about twice or three times a week. A glass of wine nearly every day. I skip breakfast a couple times a week, a smoothie (half a banana, some frozen or fresh berries, whey isolate, leafy greens or superfood green powder, coconut milk) once a week. Every two weeks I break down and have a piece of pizza or two when my husband makes one from scratch. Sigh.

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    I usually IF during the day. If I eat breakfast it is a couple of boiled age and maybe an apple. The company supplies me with a boxed lunch that I usually give half away keeping the meat and veggies. Dinner is usually what I don't eat at lunch supplemented by some additional veggies, perhaps a can of tuna or something like that. Weekends I still IF and then have some type of meat and veggie dinner at night. Snack on boiled eggs, almonds, pickles and olives.

    I may cheat once a week and have something like a dark chocolate bar (cheating because it is not high enough percent of dark chocolate). I used to have a few beers during the week but since I have gone pretty much 100% primal, they just don't set well with me. I do have the occasional gin and tonic.

    I suppose I'm cheating because I doubt that the meat we get here is organic but Cairo is 1.5 hours away and even there it is difficult to find.

    I dearly do miss my pork...
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    Before my husband and stepkids were here I was eating lots of bacon, eggs, red meat, fish and a little pork/poultry, plus veggies and berries.

    Over the last 2 weeks since I've been cooking for 4, 3 of which are not primal, I've added dairy back in (whole milk, heavy whipping cream, and butter) and cheated more. Not too badly, but I am looking forward to the September challenge!
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    At least one or more servings of the following everyday...

    1 Red meat
    2 Fish
    3 Fowl
    4 Eggs
    5 Vegetables ( Mostly raw, some lightly stir fried )
    6 Fruits
    7 Dried fruits
    8 Whey and coconut milk ( introduced this recently )
    9 Extra virgin olive oi, butter, coconut oil.
    10 Water, supplements.

    Once in a week on thu... Beans with brown rice.

    Cheats :

    1-2 beers on weekends once in a while or a glass or two of red wine for most part.
    Pastry of choice ( I have a sweet tooth ) but I generally share it with my girlfriend. If I drink, I don't eat sweets and vice versa.
    A slice or two of freshly baked bread or a pizza ( once in a blue moon ) It doesn't entice me anymore the way it used to.

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    typical day:

    b - eggs, fruit, coffee/tea (work with kids...hard crutch to be free of), maybe bacon/sausage
    s - nuts, seeds, fruit, this is usually where i'll have greek yogurt if i'm eating dairy in the day
    l - piece of lean meat, big salad with a lot of veggies (oil/balsamic/honey vinaigrette)
    s- nuts, seeds, fruit, piece of dark chocolate
    d - meat, big salad, a veggie, sweet potato
    s - if i need food, i'll usually have another snack at night...if i'm having dairy, this is also a place i normally have it.

    i try to eat as many raw veggies as possible.

    i'll drink alcohol maybe once or twice a month. coffee is sometimes an all-day drink. i'm working on getting off dairy at the moment.

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    I live in Iowa
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    I'm only three weeks in - but so far
    Breakfast - Eggs w/ spinach, peppers or plain OR Full fat greek yogurt and berries
    Lunch - Stir fry 1 pound meat w/ cabbage, peppers or green beans (cooked in pastured butter or vcoconut oil)
    Dinner - Fish or Shellfish or Meat w/ salad greens or cooked leafy greens (my dressing is olive oil based - I always do a butter sauce for fish and shellfish. Sometimes I think that butter and fish were created on the same day - they are so, so, so perfect together.)

    I'm down 6 pounds in three weeks. I'm not so hungry in the morning anymore so I'm thinking of switching to an early lunch (11am) and then dinner with the family at 6pm as usual. As long as carbs are low I have no snack cravings, which is such a blessing. I don't think I'll eat much less than I do now though. I'm thinking I'll just add the yogurt and berries or eggs to my lunch. We'll see.
    I'm an avid cook but I'm also a busy mom. I'm loving this way of cooking. I usually make some sort of starch/carb for the kids and husband if I'm cooking dinner - but I just don't eat it. We have takeout a few nights a week b/c it's just so nutty to go out to eat w/ a 6 year old and an 18 month old! Anyway - BBQ is a great takeout choice - as is Thai or any Asian food. Just avoid the rice and Naan. (Oh God, Naan. Naan is probably a bigger temptation to me than candy, cookies, pastry or cake. As absurd as that sounds. The next time I "cheat" or "allow myself an indulgence" - it will be Naan!!

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