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Thread: What do you eat?

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    Most days, I eat 2-3 eggs, 1/2 lb grassfed meat, 3-6 oz fish, 4-6 servings of various veggies, half an avocado, some form of coconut, a serving of fruit. Less frequently, I'll throw in 1-4 oz of dairy or 1-2 oz nuts or seeds. Here's what it looks like:

    Normal weekday for me

    Late breakfast: BAS with miscellaneous veggies and HB eggs OR canned fish (mixed with my daily dose of Carlson's fish oil instead of dressing)

    Late lunch: HB eggs OR canned fish (whichever I didn't have with breakfast), half an avocado

    Pre or post-workout (sometimes, depending on schedule): Half a piece of fruit, maybe with coconut cream or almond butter. OR Greek yogurt and berries.

    Dinner: Grassfed meat, roasted/steamed/sauteed veggies. Maybe some berries/coconut cream/dark chocolate/whiskey.

    Normal weekend day for me

    Breakfast: Fried eggs and bacon or omelette, maybe with sliced fruit/veggies.

    Snack (maybe): Half a banana with coconut cream, or Greek yogurt, a handful of nuts, or sardines/kippers.

    Lunch: BAS with miscellaneous veggies and canned fish and avocado mixed with fish oil.

    Dinner: Grassfed meat, roasted/steamed/sauteed veggies, sweet potato.

    I "cheat," typically when eating out, maybe 1-2 meals per month. I don't do the fake-flours thing.
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    i'd like to add that i've recently started back raw milk. omg do i feel amazing!
    i have been craving the stuff for awhile now and finally gave in. so glad i did;-)
    ok, now i'm really done.
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    I eat meat (beef, prok and chicken mainly so far although starting on rabbit and venison soon), fish (mackeral, sardines, salmon, pollack), shellfish (mussles and prawns), lots of fruit and veg (esp green leafies), nuts, lots of 85%+ dark chocolate, olive oil, balsamic vinegar (not paleo), herbs, spices, lots of coconut milk and coconut fat, butter, cream in my coffee and herbal tea.

    I can't eat eggs, avocados, bananas (3 of the BEST primal foods imo), most brassicas, gluten or much dairy without being very sick. Last time I ate an egg I spent 8 hours in bed in pain and vomiting IBS sucks.

    I don't hold back on my carbs at all really, I don't have weight to lose and I'm young so I'm enjoying fruit and the odd few potatoes without worrying too much for now.
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